1980s FL250 in Ancram, NY

No Longer Available

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Asking Price: $1,000

Key Information

  • Year: 1980's
  • Model: FL250
  • Location: Ancram, New York
  • Contact Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!

More Details & Pictures

Firstly, stupid low ball offers will be ignored. No, I won’t take $400-$500 for it. Do your research, you can’t find one under a grand. Not to mention all the spare parts that come with this one. It can sit in the barn and come out in 30 years for all I care. If you’re seriously interested, then make a serious offer. 

Mostly complete Honday Odyssey. I’ve owned it for almost 10 years. I started to restore it, and life got in the way, so it has sat more than it has been ridden. It has many new, parts like “J” arm bushing, tie rods, shocks, seat, the motor was rebuilt with new bearings and seals, and lots more I can’t remember. My son installed the motor last summer and was having a great time with it. Now it has low compression. I figure the rings got burnt up from an incorrect fuel mix.

Time to let it go. Here’s the deal. Machine and replacement jug and piston $1000 firm. eBay also has kits that include all the necessary parts to replace the top end for less than $400. I have a lot of other Oddysey parts that I will let go with it for another $500. When I say a lot, I mean almost another complete machine, including a frame, and transmission, that you can part out to make your $1500 back and have the running Odyssey for free. 

Life is too busy right now and I’m trying to clean up the noise that I doubt I will get back to.

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