1985 FL350 in Chico, California

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Asking Price: $4,900

1985 Chico CA

Key Information

  • Year: 1985
  • Model: FL350
  • Location: Chico, California
  • Contact Name: BrIan Haberman
  • Phone: Not Provided
  • Email: [email protected]

More Details & Pictures

Fully restored full custom 85 FL 350. motor swap with 2007 Yamaha Rage 1000 CC snowmobile engine.

Brand new rubber new dirt tires and sand tires

new light bars

all new wiring.

Centrifugal pulley belt drive no clutch no shifting

mechanic owned

everything freshly serviced all new fluids

needs nothing ready to go

Frame off restored 85 honda oddysey, powdercoated frame, custom aluminum body panels 2007 YAMAHA RAGE 1000CC SNOW MOBILE ENGINE SWAP. Fuel injected, liquid cooled. Its a R1 engine bascially with the snowmobile pully belt drive system it makes it much more effective in the dunes. On the dirt its alot like a 2 stroke band. It revs so fast and it is soo fast. Ive pulled 3 ft wheelies with it. Brand new dirt tires new racing rims for the new sand tires. New shocks new tie rods new everything rubber and everything listed on every service. I spent 2200 on 5 straight days of this racing shop owner going over everything replacing as if it was his own. Reason being it was going to be a gift for my son. And my son gets nothing but the best from me. Money is no object.. if you have kids you know. So the mechanic threw on some light bars. Rewired the whole thing super clean. Electric coolingr fan went from switch on to temp sensor engagement. That kind of stuff. Just made everything perfect.

Brake lines plugs wires battery fuel cell realigned the engine and made new mounts so the pullies just line up to the thouandth of an inch. There is so much more. Lots of cool smart mods. And some stuff is original the stuff that worked the square sterring wheel the wrist straps. There is only 1 other odySsey in the country with a 1000cc snow mobile swap. They are kinda famous for it. Their youtube channel is called Grind Hard Plumbing. Check out the 130 hp odyssey videos. Difference between Mine and theirs is mine was pro built chassis mods A arm length suspension travel. The frame or chassis has been modified making it hard to idenify very unique.

The perfectly molded aluminum body panels are not thin or easily damaged. But perfectly rolled to follow the chassis lines and just make it pop. They attach to the frame with custom welded z type racing fastners.. it just a sign of quality over everything.

And i drove it less than an hour. It was just too fast for the trails i had available. Desert dunes less trees and this thing shines. It was built for the dunes man. She will blow doors off 1000cc side by sides all day. She can be king of sand mountain guaranteed

130 hp RC CAR thats what its like. So many special mods. Any questions ask.

The green monster runs like its brand new 0 issues. Some deep cleaning of the valve cover and a few other items will make it a bit prettier. But it was built with function over fashion but turns more heads than pam Anderson jogging down the beach. Does not leak does not have any issues beyond it has not been registered for about a decade. Low hours is what i see but if the fees to get current are over 500 and i doubt they will be ill split the cost of registration over 500. Personal roller coaster thrill ride for sale. Dont miss this opportunity to.

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