1985 Honda Odyssey ATV FL250 For Sale in Camarillo, CA
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1985 FL250 in Camarillo, CA

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We bought this about 1 years ago with hopes of getting the desert and it never happened. Our lives went another direction. Last time we tried to start it it ran great. Has not been [...]
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Odyssey ATV: A Brief Overview

What is the Honda Odyssey ATV? – An all-terrain vehicle produced by Honda Power Sports beginning in 1976 for the 1977 model year.

Odyssey FL250 ATVThe FL250 was the first model produced and was made from 1976 to 1984. It featured a 250 cc (248) air-cooled engine, thus being denoted as the FL250. During these early years it was considered a go cart, despite having more power than the average contemporary go kart. In 1982 Honda added a roll cage upgrading the FL250 to dune buggy status.

Odyssey FL350 ATVThe FL350 came to market in 1984 with a 342cc engine however was quickly recalled and the motor was reduced to 329cc. Various other improvements were made to the FL350 giving it more of the true off-road racing capabilities of a dune buggy.

Despite being improved, there were still many issues with the FL350 which led Honda to discontinue the line. It was reintroduced 4 years later in 1989 with the FL400 Pilot. Like the FL350 however, the FL400 had a short run due to increased injury and deaths related to the increase power and speed of the Pilot.

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